A few more pictures of the all new Ford Fiesta.

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Still looking really nice.
Although that rear view is far less original and modern than the current one…

The interior seems like a huge step up. At least in the super high end version pictured here.

I’ve heard a rumor that the new Fiesta might not come to the US.
I really hope this isn’t true.
( thought the Fiesta and next Focus were supposed to be built in that all new Mexican factory.)

Let’s hope the Fiesta is coming over…

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  1. Ford would be stupid not to sell this in the US. The Focus is not small enough. Remember when the Focus, Taurus, and Crown Vic were the only sedans? Talk about a mis-match of a lineup, considering Taurus was doing double duty as a Mid and Full size car during the time between the end of the Contour and the beginning of the Fusion. This segment will hold its value as gas won't stay cheap forever. They need a car smaller than the Focus.

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