How about more pictures of that Tiguan L

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These are the first official pictures of the Chinese market version.
The one coming to the US will be the same car. Except built in Mexico instead of China. And NO diesel engines…

As you can see, the model pictured above does not have the 3rd row. So it has massive rear legroom.
Something VW should really advertise.

The should advertise legroom in general. Since the Jetta was pretty much as much rear legroom as a midsize car. And the US Passat has as roomy as a full size model.
But they don’t seem to do that. Enough at least.
This should be a big selling point.

This will do battle with the all new CR-V. (Among the other usual suspects)
The CR-V interior is disappointing in real live. The whole thing is a step up from the previous one, but it still has a cheap feel and look. The new wood trim is especially bad and fake looking.

This new Tiguan interior seems much better already.
(And again, much, much nicer than the Atlas)

Next: official pictures of the US version.

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  1. Guess….years ago, someone at Toyota or Honda paid an employee to try to infiltrate the VW design department. The goal?….Make VW as plain as ugly as you can inside and out and if possible, throw in a fuel economy scam. This is the only reason that there can be for such disgusting, effortless cheap looking units.

  2. I drove the new SWB Tiguan on a recent trip to Europe. Looks good inside and out in real life, drives very nice, and surprisingly agile off-road. Made me wonder how it would be with a set of proper A/T tires. I just hope nothing is lost in the US translation.

  3. I remember picking up a showroom brochure on the new-for-1990 Passat way back when that was geared specifically to Realtors.. saying the rear legroom of the Passat sedan and huge cargo hold of the Passat wagon made them ideal for the profession! Not sure I've ever seen a more focused sales piece since (other than the RHD Postal Subaru Legacy one I have).

  4. I can't imagine someone buying this over the soon to be released 2017 Mazda CX5….what an incredibly boring design!

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