2018 Chrysler 300???

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Not really sure.
But I haven’t seen this interior before.
And I do see that Chrysler logo on the steering wheel. As well as the analog clock.
But it isn’t the “dead” Chrysler 200.
And not the Pacifica either.

Chrysler has nothing coming up. Except a small refresh to the 300.
(An all new one is still years away. If ever. If Chrysler is still alive by then)

What top you think?
Have you seen this before (The picture is from Harman at CES)

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  1. That is not a Chrysler interior. Look closely at the logo, it's a Genesis and you can also tell by the shifter and how the center console is slightly higher where it connects to the dash something that is common with other Genesis interiors.

  2. That is not the current chrysler logo. they did away with the circle "medallion" in the middle years ago.

  3. Vince, are you kidding me? This is the new Hyundai Grandeur (what we've had as the Azera in the U.S.) interior. You've posted pics of it before. *shakes head*

  4. *apologies – typed my first comment and immediately realized the typo. It's the Genesis G90. That's the Genesis logo and everything. Nothing is different about it.

  5. Vince are you drunk? That is the Genesis G90 interior, you can even see the Genesis logo on the steering wheel.

  6. Genesis G90 ? (the $70,000.00+++ version) Chryslers are often mistaken for cars in that price range. But this is not a Chrysler.

  7. Ummmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 Vince, you can't. see that that's a genesis??? Look at the steering wheel on the g80, g90 Hyundai Azera and I believe the cadenza as well. This is a Korean product

  8. Interesting – the architecture of the interior looks like it has a lot of common with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio (position and shape of the infotainment screen, positioning of vents), so maybe there is something to this? A Chrysler 300 based on the very-well-received Giulia's platform sounds great

  9. Dude Vince, are you serious right now. That's the Genesis G90. No way Chrysler would come even close to making something like that.

  10. It's probably a Genesis product, look closely at the logo, and just the overall design of the cabin.

  11. Vince. You should be ashamed of yourself. Any car buff can tell you that is obviously not a Chrysler logo, but the Genesis logo.

  12. This is the Dashboard of the new Genesis G90.
    So this is no Chrysler at all. Genesis and Chrysler happen to have a similar logo.

  13. It is clearly one of the Genesis models. The logo is strikingly similar to that of Chrysler's from a distance.

  14. Genesis G90 Vince. But when you consider that this is in fact the luxo Hyundai, suddenly Chrysler seems even sadder and less relevant.

  15. It is a 2017 Genesis G90.
    I knew I saw this before.

    The logo shape on the steering wheel looks very similar.

  16. This is a 2017 Genesis G90.
    The logo shape on the steering wheel looks very close to the
    Chrysler design.

  17. Genesis G80 is what you are looking at. If the next 300 looks nearly as good inside, FCA will have a winner.

  18. Winged badge confused me at first too, but this is not a Chrysler… that's the interior of the production Genesis G90.

  19. Genesis, Bentley, Chrysler, MINI (and others)… all use 'Flying Wings' as their corporate logo.

    VERY confusing (to say the least).

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