2018 Honda Civic Type R: FWD CVT!!!

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Yes! CVT will come to the all new Civic R next year.

These are blasphemous words (or letters) for many sports cars fans. I know.

I am not a fan at all of the R type anyway (The pic above is just the concept)
Small cars with huge wings, skirts, black wheels and tons of holes everywhere are not my thing.

But this looks like a let down for many. Not only will it be getting a CVT, it is apparently still just FWD. Not AWD like most of its competition.

Just imagine, 340HP with front wheel drive. Sounds like a nightmare to me…

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  1. Tired and yawning when I hear about "enthusiasts" crapping on CVTs. Honda's CVT has come such a long way, and feels as good as the automatic (I guess a CVT is also an automatic.) Of course, "enthusiasts" prefer the stick thingy on the way to work while they stress the hell out of everyone unlucky around them with their superb driving skills, including themselves. Having said all that, boy racer cars are not my thingy either. I would prefer to put this engine in an Accord Sport version and have everyone eat my dust…um… on the way to work….

  2. Ok.

    I can't believe Honda would seriously be foolish enough to bring a car with these specs to market. They are seriously losing the plot here…

  3. 340hp and FWD only????? Does it come with an extra set of tires standard? The torque steer alone would rip them to shreds.

  4. This is simply not the case…
    Here from vtec.net:
    Just to be 100% sure, we reached out to American Honda spokesman Sage Marie (‎Senior Manager, Automobile Public Relations) earlier this afternoon, and he stated that the Type R will only be offered with a 6-speed manual transmission, as has already been announced. He confirmed that there would NOT be a CVT offered in the Civic Type R.

  5. Right about modern CVTs. I agree they've come a long way.
    I remember driving the horrible ones from an Audi A4. And Ford 500.
    But recently, the one used in the Maxima is pretty amazing.

    I do hope this post is wrong about CVT only though. In a car like this, a 6 speed should at least be an option.

  6. More than how hideous is that car might be, I'm interested in what fool would buy it. Dear god, that thing is grotesque.

  7. 340HP with front wheel drive. Sounds like fun to me.

    I don't know why people who think they like cars are so afraid of FWD. It's as-if they base their opinion of FWD on the 84 Chevy Celebrity. Do they base their opinion of RWD on the 83 Chevy Malibu? Cause that was even worse…

  8. I remember test driving the "old" Mazda3 Speed Turbo a few years ago for a week.
    I forgot how much power it had. (I am sure it wasn't even close to 340HP), but it was a nightmare driving fast.
    You had to battle the steering just to stay on a straight lane.

    So, no, it wasn't fun. the base model with a 6 speed was actually more fun to drive around, since you were able to push it.

  9. Given that this car is so extremely ugly and would never make my list of cars to buy, let the poor ugly soul have a CVT. The WRX has one so why not.

  10. That sounds like a great way to increase tire & brake sales by 1000% immediately. Definitely going to be an expensive car to keep. And it'll probably be as smooth and quiet as an empty cement truck!

  11. "I don't know why people who think they like cars are so afraid of FWD"
    Simple. FWD can't handle 340HP.

  12. Cornering in my Focus has definitely made me feel thankful for FWD as I'm sure I would have spun out otherwise, especially on wet surfaces. But those surfaces make it really fun to fake drift (Power Slide). The 2.0 with the DCT (when it's working right) is like driving a sports car. I'm shocked many people don't know this. It sips fuel when I need it and accelerates like a bat out of hell on the highway (again, which the DCT is WORKING right).

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