2018 Seat Ibiza

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Of course, we are not getting this. Since we just don’t get the whole Seat brand anyway.

I must say, this is a bit of a disappointment. Seat designs are usually much more interesting than their more expensive VW cousins.
While the exterior could be considered as “just fine”.
that interior is quite a let down.
Talk about “uninspired”. Really…
This is pretty bad for 2017.

This wil compete in the same segment as the new Ford Fiesta. Which seems, at least from pictures, much nicer than this.
There is also an all new Opel Corsa coming out soon.

What we are supposed to get from that platform is the next VW Polo. At least as a sedan, but maybe the hatchback too.
And, of course, some new “smaller than Tiguan” SUV/Crossover?wagon thing….

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  1. I thought Seat was the "sexy/sporty" brand inside the VW group. This looks like any other appliance coming out of VW/Skoda these days. Terribly underwhelming.

  2. The interior is indeed poor. Real life pictures show grey hard plastic everywhere, and even VAG friendly media doesn't find nice wirds to describe the materials. Sure the infotainemnet screen looks good, but that is a very expensive option usually coupled to higher trims, so probably installed in very few cars actually….

  3. The interior is depressingly bland. I feel sorry for this thing, which will have to rival far more stylish rivals, like the new C3, the new Fiesta and the new Micra…

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