2018 Toyota Supra

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You can see a few new cool pictures of the all new Toyota Supra prototype test driving in the snow HERE

Look quite sporty.
Its cousin, the all new BMW Z5 will, of course, be a convertible. This time with a regular soft top.

While the Toyota might remain a coupe.

This is the FT1 concept from a few years ago.
And I do see a lot of similar proportions on the Supra prototype.
Windows, roof etc…

Let’s hope the new Supra ends up looking like a toned down version of this.
Without all the unnecessary wings, scoops and vents.

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  1. Without all the unnecessary wings, scoops and vents

    Really? For me, that's what makes the concept interesting. It's dramatic, without looking like a random blend of design cues, like most modern Toyotas. Every detail looks purposeful. I hope they're able to translate the design of the concept to production without many changes, kinda like they did with the Lexus LC.

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