New Hyundai Celesta/Accent

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As you can see, this is the Chinese market version.
So there is probably way more chrome than in the one we’ll be getting here as the new Accent.

A very predictable design.

Just like the current Accent looked like a shrunken down previous Sonata.
The new one uses the same recipe. Now starting with the current (and more conservative) Sonata design.

To me, small super conservative sedans usually look really bad.
And old.
And this is the case right here.

There is just zero fun in this. Sure, it doesn’t look as bad as the Nissan Versa sedan. But nothing does.

Let’s hope there is a “slightly more fun” hatchback available in our market…

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  1. It has better proportions than the God-awful Versa (but that's not hard), but it comes across as a very utilitarian, third-world focused car. If you just want basic mobility, this should do the trick, but if you want anything beyond that, there are better options on the market. I'm waiting for the next Fiesta sedan, just to see if Ford took any lessons from their mistakes.

  2. That nearly looks like a sedan version of the slightly boring new i30, the interior mostly identical, though cheaper. So I wouldn't have high hoppes for a "more interesting" hatchback, I'm afraid

  3. I've seen some spy photos of the next Accent, and it looks different from this. The license plate, for example, is on the trunk, not in the bumper. It also lacks the third window. I think this is exclusively for the chinese market, like the Kia K2 (which, by the way, looks so dull that it makes this thing look like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie).

  4. I get it's not all "wow" styling and all, but as you said, it does look better than the Versa sedan, or the old Fiesta sedan for that matter. Hyundai managed to get the proportions of hood/cabin/trunk/wheel-wells right so it doesn't look awkward. If I wanted to buy a new sub-compact sedan that doesn't look like a cheap-mobile, getting those proportions right is key. It may not be super exciting, but it also doesn't scream cheap econo-box on undersized wheels either.

  5. I kid of like how it is styled. It looks normal and not stupid. I wish the US version would look like this, but it probably wont. They will put the ugly grille on it and a stupid plastic thing instead of a the rear small window.

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