All new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer (2018 Buick regal Wagon)

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Yes it looks great.
And yes, we are getting it in the US.

Well, almost.

The one we will be getting as part of the all new Buick Regal line up, will be the raised up version. (Probably called the TourX)
Similar to the Audi All track.
And the new Volvo V90 CrossCountry.
We are not yet schedule to get the regular version pictured here.
Which is too bad.

But the “off road” model should also look quite nice.
And could be quite a bit cheaper than the super boring “Starting at $45 000” Audi A4 All Road.
(While looking 1000 times better)

This could be a great move for Buick. Offering something different.
I can’t wait to see this. Really…

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  1. Stupid move for Buick. Wagons do not sell here in meaningful numbers. Let the Europeans have it. They deserve it. And let's not forget that a wagon in the line up does not change the image of oldfartdom Buick has been desperately trying to shed.

  2. As long as it will be unique…put a diesel and a stick in it. I'll be the second one to buy one. The editor at Car & Driver magazine of course, will be the first.

  3. Better than the sedan/hatchback, but still awkward. It's way too long and the hood is too short (consequence of the FWD platform). The european Passat estate has better proportions.

  4. The tragic thing is that we're looking at the replacement for the current Commodore wagon. So long, RWD, V8 powered family hauler. Now, back to mediocrity…

  5. I like it… I think it looks great, and is very stylish… If I could afford it, I wouldn't mind having one… it's stylish and fresh, and way above the boring Audi/VW's that are here.

    Plus I think it might fit a great audience here in California since the SUV's will be taking a hit with the proposed gas tax increase.

  6. An amazing looking car. The same "anonymous" person who said this was a "bad" move for Buick, probably thought the 5-series wagon was a stunner. As for Buick being an "old fart car", look at what Toyota and Lexus automobiles have become – over rated, poor quality, over-recalled boring appliances that continue to earn praise for their reliability from the 90s – this is called "social conformism". I will say, Buick has a long way to go to change it's perception of what type of car it is – but, unlike Toyota, they ARE making the attempt. So, "anonymous", get back into your Camry and focus on reality, stop salivating over BMWs and realize change is reality.

  7. All things considered, since the new Chrysler Pacific handles more like a sport sedan than a Town & Country Minivan — I'd get a Pacific instead. Not sure if I'd go with the quicker (almost 300bHP) gas or the 80 MPGe Electric Hybrid — but it'd definitely be a Stylish yet Pragmatic Pacifica before a tiny wagon. (Isn't "small wagon" just an oxymoron?)

  8. I love it, but not as a Buick. It's a stale brand and it just ruins it for me. I couldn't bring myself to buy one….unless I was over 65.

  9. So, let me get this straight: a minivan is the epitome of cool, but a sport wagon is boring? What a bunch of weirdos…

  10. Burlapp is a very known blogger… I like and trust the dude, he gets his info and continues to get cars sent to him & trips to test drive these cars…

    Yet there is only a select few of us who actually state our names…just a lot of "Anonymous" happening…. I guess I'll just chalk that up to an alternative fact….

    I still love the car…so glad to see that FCA has someone on their payroll boasting about their lust for a Chrysler "Pacific," but doesn't get paid enough to proof read…. anyways

    Buick: 3 Anonymous: -"A"

  11. The new Insignia also comes in an ugly-looking wagon version. Now the lineup is complete. Completely ugly.

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