Wait what? A Peugeot/Opel merger rumor?

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I woke up to this.
Looks likeOpel is still not safe?

Isn’t GM making enough money from them?

And Peugeot? I thought these guys were losing tons of money just a couple of years ago?
(Right before in infusion of Chinese money)
Also, Peugeot and Opel are in the same segment.
All their models would compete with each other.

But the saddest question is: what about Buick?
Their best cars are actually Opel models.
What would happen to these?

The Insignia platform is also used on the Malibu. And a longer version of it on the Lacrosse.

I am not sure what is going on here. And why.
It seems one of the worst idea ever. It’s not like Peugeot was getting a super luxury brand.
Or anything they are not doing right now. I guess this would be like a Hyundai/Kia situation? They would have to make Opel the sporty one?
Or maybe we could get Peugeot cars back here. As Buick???

What the hell???

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  1. Bullshit. Even if Opel is still hemorrhaging money, they supply cars not only for Buick, but for Holden, also.That reduces the costs across the brands. It makes more sense for GM to keep Opel.

  2. Opel lost money for the last 17 years and 2018 would be year for some potential profit. But can't tell how much money Opel brought to US models.

    Buick cars don't sell that well. I could see them reduce car lineup and focus on SUV's instead.

    Peugeot and Opel already have joint projects. But I can imagine there could be some cost cutting to reduce models…

  3. And for China as well!

    Buck sells way more cars in China than in the US. And pretty much all of these are actually Opels.
    Even the Astra is sold there as a Buick.
    That seems to be a cash cow for GM.

  4. Its not just volume. Just look at Chrysler. Cars have much smaller profit margins. I wouldn't say I agree but that is what it looks like they are going to do.

    We might still see Opel cars in US just licensed and for rest of world its probably just a different owner with not much changes.

    Don't forget Citroen is also owned by Peugeot.

  5. Can't see GM selling Opel/Vauxhall unless they plan to retain the engineering groups and just sell the brand names. Doing so, however, would pretty much give up all European business as they tried (and totally failed) to market the lame Chevrolet brand there … and basically nobody in Europe will ever want a Cadillac, Buick, or GMC. GM does at a minimum need the engineering group in Germany, however, to continue to offer competitive platforms and engines for the other global markets, so no way they give up those facilities.

    My bet it this is more likely a propaganda stunt as perhaps certain government or union negotiations are coming due, and the threat of selling the Opel group to a loser french company can be used as leverage to extract concessions during the negotiations.

  6. Maybe it's just all about increasing China's vicarious control of the worldwide auto industry? ( This time via Peugeot .)

  7. You cannot continue losing money based on the above BS theories about who produces what and for whom. Opel should be a goner, if Peugeot is stupid enough to bite, of course. GM will get rid of European labour cost inflexibilities. The outcome of the merger will be a turkey, I am sure.

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