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All that talk about the revised “made ugly” 2018 Toyota Sienna made me revisit the all new 2018 Odyssey from Honda.
Which I thought looked weird when it was unveiled .
But next to the now “old and weird” Sienna, the Honda looks really good.

Much more upscale outside. The lines don’t appear too weird on this video.
The interior is shown with the usual “sad Honda dark grey” interior.
But that’s a matter a color, trim. And personal taste.

Take a look and tell me if I’m wrong ( an impossibility)

Not as modern and slick as the Pacifica. But still a really good job.
from people who obviously want to stay in the Minivan business and know it takes some effort.

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  1. The Honda Odyssey interior is much more upscale than the 2018 Toyota Sienna. The exterior leaves a lot to be desired though.

  2. Anonymous must sell Toyotas… haha. I think that they did a great job of emasculating an otherwise dull automotive segment. I would consider one.

  3. Honda and Toyota seem to house out of their way to make ugly cars and the worse they look, the more they sell. Mazda on the other hand makes aesthetically pleasing automobiles that sell far less. Looking at what America has elected President I would have to say it's taste is up it's ass.

  4. Compared to the revised Sienna, the new Odyssey doesn't look that bad. The Pacifica looks to be the supermodel of the trio, at least from an exterior design perspective.

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