2018 Infiniti QX50

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Nothing all new here, since it is pretty much the same thing as the concept we saw last year.
Which is just fine. At least, unlike Subaru, they try to keep pretty close to what they tease us with.
But, it this enough?
I mean it looks pretty tame. Very generic.
I also now that anything labeled SUV or Crossover sells. No matter who makes it. So it has that going for it.
Otherwise, I’m not even sure where the whole Infiniti brand is going.
Their most popular model should be the Q50 sedan. The current QX50 is way to old. (It started life as the EX back in 2007!)
Even though it is in a hot segment. They have been way too slow to redesign it.
Their Q50 sedan is a good car. Also in a pretty hot segment competing with the 3 series, A4, C class etc…
They sold 44 007 of them last year.
Doesn’t sound too bad right? Until you find out BMW sold over 70 000 3 series (over 142 000 back in 2014)
Mercedes also sold over 77 000 C Class sedans in 2016.
As for the Q50?
They sold under 17 000 of them last year.
While BMW sold over 44 000 X3s, and almost 30 000 X1s.
And let’s not forget the Lexus NX. Which pretty much beats everyone with over 54 800 sales in 2016.
I thought the all new QX30 would be more popular. I think it does look great, inside and out.
In just 5 months on the market last year, they sold only 2259 of them.
Things are picking up a little bit with 3572 sold so far in 2017.
Not sure it will ever reach the 25 000 units Mercedes sells of its close cousin, the GLA.
Infiniti does need something.
I am not sure a plain looking Crossover is enough….
If you must see more pictures of the all new QX50, HERE they are.

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  1. Vince, did you forget that when they switched it from the EX37 to the QX50, they gave it a 3 inch wheelbase stretch while managing to keep the rest of the vehicle exactly the same? That's a pretty major change over the course of 10 year, no? lol

  2. Doug, you are correct about the "stretch".
    It was the version they had been selling in China for a while. Where pretty much everyone sells stretched versions of cars/SUVs for a roomier back seat.
    So they just switch to that a few years ago for the US market.
    They also sell a stretched version of the Q70 sedan

  3. Can you please proofread your posts before you post them? Thanks

    ……what does this loser care if it's proof read ? Ignorant fool

  4. I think it will be a fairly attractive vehicle. It probably won't draw buyers away from the German trifecta (BMW, Mercedes, Audi), though. Brand loyalty/recognition in the luxury/premium segment seems to trump all other factors.

    How many US dealerships does Infiniti have compared to the German trifecta? I live in a fairly large metro area and we don't have an Infiniti dealership here. I think the closest Infiniti dealership is at least 100 miles away, which probably doesn't make Infiniti an attractive choice. We do have the German trifecta, though. I don't know if Infiniti actually has fewer US dealerships than the German trifecta, but it could be a factor in its smaller sales volume if it does.

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