2018 Nissan Leaf

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This gives us an idea of what the next Nissan Leaf could look like.

I think it’s a pretty lazy illustration, based on the Nissan IDS concept.
Not really trying to make it look like a production car, except for adding regular door handles and rear view mirrors.

From the spy shots we have seen, it looks like the next Leaf will be taller than the concept. Not as modern looking.
But also, not as tall and nerdy as the current car. I guess.

So, for now, this is all we have.
Enjoy it…

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  1. No, Mr NissaFan. I don't think this will have "phenomenal"range.
    They will probably try to match the Bolt. At best….

  2. So Vince when did you become condescending and belligerent towards your blog supporters. I have been here since beginning. What the Heck do you know? Zero! I have the inside track and what I'm saying is true. I guess you had a bad day! Weird. Unlike the Vince with no money of days gone by. Attitude check….you're welcome!

  3. Btw vince you and all the dolts that sing praises of Tesla. That scammer Musk pre sold cars he can't even build. He has to raise another 1.2 billion or so. What kind of a company takes deposits on cars they can't even fund to build. When Nisssn says it's coming….it's coming for real!

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