2018 VW Polo. The real thing

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This is it.
Kind of.

There is still bit of clever camouflage on the car. Especially the tail light. There is something going on there.

This is quite sad. As it seems VW is unable to design an interesting looking hatchback these days.
They really need to call someone like Ital Design for help (Giugiaro designed the first Golf)

It’s also weird that all the VW badges are on the car. Even a “Polo” badge.
So this might just be a new version of the south American VW Gol???

What do you think?

This is the current Polo. sad th see that it looks as good as the “next one” pictured above.

And this is the Gol. Which is mostly for Brazil.
it came out in 2009 (with a facelift for 2014) so it is due for a new one also.

The spy shots above could actually be the new Gol disguised as a Polo.


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  1. Nobody cares. It's a 2-box econocrap. trying to make it interesting is about an silly as spending money to re-design the marble.

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