2018 Buick Enclave

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This are the first official shots of the all new Buick Enclave.

The one pictured here is the new top of the line “Avenir” version.
Which includes high end stuff like “Evonik Acrylite exterior lighting”. (Sounds like the 21st Century equivalent of Coryinthian leather to me…Or a Klingon fast food chain. )
Which includes “the power of more than 100 LEDs across the vehicle “.
Whatever that is…

You also get a “3 dimensional mesh grille”.
And many other things like 20 inches wheels, Avenir floor mats, Avenir scripted still plates.

Sounds like a stupid idea to me. Like Lincoln’s Black Label.
All stuff that should be standard, or a regular option, on a high end car.

Otherwise, the new design seems pretty nice. A good upgrade from the current one.
Which still looked pretty decent after all these years.

In today’s market, the new Enclave, Avenir or not, should be more popular than ever…

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  1. It's a pretty nice looking SUV/CUV, but one thing stood out at me on the inside. This thing has the same stupid monostable shifter design as the Lacrosse where Reverse is up and to the left. When are these car makers going to learn that not only do we not like the stupid designs, they can be downright dangerous! Look what happened to FCA and it's Jeep shifter. I have a Grand Cherokee with the crap design and have had many near accidents because of it. I'm 39 years young so age isn't a factor, it's just bad design. Bottom line, I wish these car makers wouldn't get fancy and just stick with a traditional PRNDL shifter design!

  2. It's better than the Chevy or GMC versions….but I don't love it. The fact that it's much much cheaper (looking) than Escalade or Navigator is waaay too obvious. Not unlike the newest LaCrosse–which looked even better than this in photos, but felt cheap when I drove one. (Went in to buy one–then didn't–changed my mind.) I was hoping for more of a Jeep Cherokee level of luxury in this Buick, since it really replaced Riveria & Electra Park Avenue as the most expensive Buick. Disappointing.

  3. Very nice design! Elegant, classy, modern. Makes ANYTHING from Lexus look like vomit. Great job Buick. Okay, now it's time for everyone to start talking how old Buick buyers are; but before you do, look in the rearview mirror, Lexus is for old farts trying to look cool, hip, young. Lexus is for the old Toyota buyers.

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