2018 Buick Regal “Sedan”

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The translation from Opel Insignia to Buick Regal is a great one.
The only thing I think could be improved is the “kind of old” wheel design.
(Others might be available though…)

Otherwise, this looks really good.
I think the design will appeal to regular sedan buyers. Who will just enjoy the hatchback as an added bonus.
Really, a pretty gutsy move from GM in a market where this will be the only hatchback.

Engine is the same as the wagon. 2.0 Liter with 250HP.
But in FWD it gets a new 9 speed auto.
While the AWD version gets the same 8 speed as the wagon.

Are pictures very soon…

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  1. Exterior looks great but those interior dashboard gauges look too dated even if the intent is going for retro look.

  2. If it had a normal trunk lid the deck of the trunk looks like it would be about 6 inches. I'm hoping that other manufactures get smart about this.

    I do think though that the back end to front passenger side photo makes the car looks a little off with the hood too big and the length behind the read window way too small.

    The wagon looks great.

  3. There are plenty of wheel-designs available here in Europe.
    The ones in the pictures are amongst the boring "company-car" models.

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