All new Mazda CX-8 coming up

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Here is a teaser for the new Mazda CX-8.
Which is a surprise. I had never heard of a “smaller than CX-9 but larger than CX-5” model coming up.
The CX-8 is supposed to be for Japan only. For now.
Since the world is being taken over by SUVs, it would be pretty hard for Mazda to resist selling this everywhere.
The CX-9 is pretty big (Too big for Japan actually), so this could work quite nice.
The roof line looks sportier than the CX-9.
But it’s still hard to tell if this would be just a longer version of the CX-5 or something with an all new design.

Mazda has resisted bringing over new SUVs before.

This really good looking CX-4 is still only sold in China.
With no plans , so far, to offer it anywhere else…
Which is really too bad.

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  1. I will say it again. They need to offer engine options with 250 or higher horses in all models, and not just the CX-9, and higher prices. Until then no one will take this brand seriously. And until then it will still be a "mystery" why their cars do not sell in volumes similar to other mass producers.

  2. The CX-4 is offered in Japan too with Japanese assembly for their local market. People have complained about the trunk space of the CX-3 and favor the Mazda 3 hatch as a better alternative. That is if you don't also care about AWD. Mazda should ditch the CX-3 for American consumption next year and sell us the CX-4 (with the larger trunk) instead.

  3. Thanks for that Info! I didn't know the CX-4 was also sold in Japan.

    I agree about getting the CX-4 instead of the CX-3. But I think they believe the CX-3 might appeal more to people considering an HR-V or equivalent.
    I personally really like the CX-4. That design is fantastic….

  4. You're welcome. Yes it is a nice design and it will kill Infiniti Q30 sales if sold here as it is less expensive and just as fancy and roomy. The HR-V is not a bad alternative, but I do favor the JDM version Vezel with LED lamps front and rear and a nicer fascia.

  5. That's a good idea. Mazda 6 based. It would be a very good use of the Mazda 6 platform. makes total sense.

  6. I disagree, that the CX-5 need more power!

    We own now the second CX-5 with the 175 hp Diesel engine. That is more than enough power – torque! – for this vehicle.

    I think that Mazda is very brave to make cars which are good in real drive situations and not only look that the specs look nice in the brochure. You may remember the introduction of the new CX-9? Everybody wrote, that a 2.5 l 4 cylinder is not enough – until they drove the car.

  7. Totally agree with more performance engine options and switching out the CX-3 for CX-4. Will Mazda do that? Probably not. That why the market share is down from 2% to 1.7% in two years time!

  8. If they had brought the Cx-4 over, I would already have one in my driveway. Not sure the Cx-8 makes any sense for Mazda at this point.

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