Genesis GV80 Concept

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Well, another pretty nice looking concept from Hyundai/Genesis.
But I can’t help but being a little bit bored.
Since we all know that Hyundai has never, ever produced anything close to any of their concepts.

Genesis showed us a great looking concept coupe a couple years ago. It did NOT become their big sedan.
From what we have already seen in prototypes, last year’s good looking small sedan concept will NOT become their next small sedan.
And this, will NOT be their large SUV.

Sorry. It’s hard to get exited when you get burned over and over…

I still think the real thing will look much more like THIS.

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  1. Interesting, as it looks nothing like your previous finding. However it is taking yet another play on the up swept window towards the d pillar them that seems to be the latest design craze.

    At least we have a name "GV 80."There's no confusing that with anything else.

  2. Don't be too dramatic and girly Vince. The Koreans, to my surprise, are kicking butt, because they hired the right people to design their cars. As far as recalling their cars for stalling engines, that is another matter for another day.

  3. Nice. I'm surprised that more Mfg's haven't gotten more creative (like this) with lights. They seem to be limiting themselves to the days of glass bulb limitations and ignoring the infinite possibilities now available with LED's.

  4. The profile lines are beautiful. Simple and elegant. Not overdone like so many these days. If they carry over just that they've got a handsome car. I also agree that more companies should get creative with head and tail lamp design. Europe does it more than US.

  5. It would be a start to remove that grill design across all models. It's dated and comically bad. If there every was such a thing; it should be a HVAC vent in some medieval throne room.

    The rest of the concept looks ok, a x3 molded from a oval bar of soap….

    The Hyundai group's turnaround is truly something to behold but it will probably take 2-3 design /engineering generations to be more than an also-ran. I'm pulling for them!

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