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This was sent to me as a comment from a previous post, from a reader. (Thanks!)
The whole story can be seen HERE at

This seems to be an upcoming model for China.
A 3 row version of the Cherokee. Kind of… With its own design.
Allpar also mentions it could be sold in the US as a Chrysler. Which sounds weird.
I mean it does look like a newer Jeep design, nothing like a Chrysler.
(Although poor dying Chrysler needs all the help they can get. Even a Jeep with a Chrysler grille I guess…)

What do you think?

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  1. The drawing does make it look rather tall and narrow, but aside from the back third of the greenhouse this would make the perfect Cherokee replacement.

  2. As a former 2014 Cherokee owner, I loved the car. I didn't have any issues. This would be nice as a replacement. Now would this make a nice Chrysler or next Journey, maybe but if they aren't going to add any more sedans, that would be a big shame. Maybe move the Pacifica minivan over to Dodge and zap Chrysler.

  3. this is what I want…

    Chrysler replacement now Alfa Romeo
    Dodge now Fiat
    Dodge Journey now Jeep Journey 2019 please All suv/crossover should belong Jeep

    Both cease Chrysler + dry death dodge no market value
    who will spent $60000 for Chrysler pacifica even middle seat not flow

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