Limousine of the future: A stretched Chinese minivan

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 Not at all what I thought the future would be.
Looks like someone in China thought it would be a great idea to stretch a minivan. And make that a super luxury car.
It’s not. And it looks terrible.
(Is that a fridge inside ???)

I cannot imagine anyone willing to be seen in that thing. I mean imagine this pulling up in front of an upscale restaurant…

THIS is what I thought the future limousine would be like in “the future”.
Look at this gorgeous Syd Mead design!

But, that future never happened…. 

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  1. That in-car home appliance either looks like a dishwasher or trash compactor. Either way, never leave home without it.

  2. Vince–when you're right–you're right. That sucker is atrocious! LOVE that drawing of the blue limo below it though!

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