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 I am actually pretty excited about this new brand.
I have been a big fan of all recent Volvo designs.

Volvo owner Geely had laid out plans for a sub-Volvo brand that would be sold in Europe. And maybe the US as well.

They showed us a small SUV last year. Based on the platform of the upcoming Volvo XC40.
Now they are showing us a small sedan. Which, I guess, is based on the upcoming Volvo S40.

It will also probably use a range of Volvo’s upcoming 1.0 Liter  3 cylinder engines as well.

I think it looks really nice.
They really tried to make something simple, modern and a bit original.
Yes, the running roof chrome line is very reminiscent of the Kia Optima. But others are doing it too these days.
The interior also seems fine. I like the center dash being angled toward the driver. Just like BMW used to do.

They even tried to do something original with the door handles.
It’s nice to see people trying something that stands out a bit. Without designing huge ugly grilles. 
Or way too many lines that end up nowhere.

This is the SUV they showed last year.

As you can see, Link & Co has already created a strong family look.
In a very nice way. As both the SUV and the sedan look really good.

I could really see this working very well in the US.
Not sure bout pricing, or where they want to be in the market place.
But being cheaper than the cheapest Volvo models means they would have to be where VW or even Honda are.
I could really see these going against the Civic and CR-V….

Since they could use Volvo showrooms everywhere, there is a real possibility we might actually see these cars over here in a couple of years or so.

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  1. This will definitely stand out as most sedans these days take on a more fastback design approach. This will be one of the few "up right/3 box" looks soon. I feel like so much more could be done with the greenhouse, however, this and the SUV have a strong family resemblance indeed.

  2. Sorry Vince – look at how awful the dash is. Maybe they will lend you one of their cars to test?

  3. Does the design really blind shoppers from overlooking quality. As much enjoy looking at this through pictures, would you trust it were to be involved in a collusion?

    I am sure they Chinese are just as capable of doing any form of hard labor, I am just worried about corporate short cuts.

  4. I actually would not be worried about safety anymore. A few years ago, yes.

    But now, we have cars made in China sold here and they do pass every single crash and safety tests required for our market.
    The new Buick Envision, the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In hybrid and the Volvo S60 Long wheel base all come from China.
    (The S90 sedan will too in a few months)

    The IIHS even gave the Buick Envision a "Top safety pick +" for 2017.

    So there is really no concern about safety.

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