New Infiniti concept?

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“Huge unveil, April 11, 2017, New York”

That’s all the official PR says about this.

From the headlights, it looks like a concept, not a production model.
Although, from what Infiniti has done in the past, there should be very little difference from the concept to production.

People are saying this is the new QX80. Which is a luxury Nissan Armada.
I’m not sure… The current model isn’t that old… Although since their pick up truck is fairly new, a new Armada might be coming out soon.

It does look quite upright, so that would rule out a new version of the sportier QX70.
And the QX60 is basically a Nissan Pathfinder. Which isn’t going anywhere for a while.
(Unless it is???)

What do you think?

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  1. The current QX80 based on the Nissan Patrol has been around since 2010 and was called the QX56 from 2010-2013. After Infiniti changed all the names it became known as the QX80. That makes the QX80 about 7 years old and due for a replacement. More than likely what Infiniti will show in NY (and what this picture is of) is the concept version of the next QX80. The current Pathfinder and QX60 have been around since 2013 and are aging. I would expect both to also be replaced soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Pathfinder show up soon (maybe at the NY show??) with a new QX60 not far behind it.

  2. They should be basing a new vehicle on the Murano, if they want to survive. They can go bigger, but SHOULD THEY?

  3. Anonymous @ 6:44,

    That's what the QX70 (former FX) is, but Infiniti doesn't seem to care about replacing/updating it.

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