VW Jetta GLI test drive

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 Since the current generation came out back in 2010, it is now a very familiar shape.
It was never super modern to begin with, but it has aged really well.
The GLI with its great looking 18 inch wheels does looks really sharp.

 The interior is also 7 years old.

The dash board is now made of a softer plastic. And some piano black pastic covers many areas.
The steering wheel was changed.
Otherwise, things are.. Well. 7 years old.

So depending on how you see it, it is either “out dated” or “classic”.

 For once, my test car came with the standard 6 speed manual. Which is great.
This is really the way to go with the VW 2.0 Liter Turbo.
Since the 6 speed DSG always ends up feeling weird in one way or another. The 6 speed is the right choice.

Sure, the engine is still a bit gravely sounding. Especially when cold.
But at least there is no DSG lag. Or weird behavior at low speed or in reverse.
The manual his also a pleasure to use.

MPG is rated at 23/33. I got about 24 around town, but had no problem hitting 38 on the freeway.
So, as with most VWs, gas mileage is better than the official numbers.

The steering is excellent. If a little bit light for a sporty car. But since the Jetta GLI is not as punchy as the GTI, it seems just fine for this car.

The Jetta GLI is a fun to drive, roomy car. About as roomy as many mid sized cars out there.
It’s actually one of the best things about the Jetta.
It also has that super solid feel VWs have. That most Asian cars do still do not have.

The drive is sporty. But not as much as the GTI.

It’s not as punchy. The ride is of course firm. Which is fine.

The Jetta GLI is still a very nice car.
Too bad that in 7 years VW didn’t find the time (or the money) to get us a new interior.
Now it is really behind its Golf cousin.

And its main problem the days would be the new competition.
Mainly from the new Hyundai Elantra Sport. Which has been getting some great reviews. (I am trying to get on to test drive)
While costing thousands less.
And a new Honda Civic Si is just around the corner!

But the GLI is still a top choice.

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  1. At $28,000…why would this be a better buy over a Focus ST3 (aside from a little more passenger room)?

    I'm sure this is a great used deal (for a VW anyway).

  2. Tiny Cabin??? Where did you red that? I just mentioned on the review how roomy this car is. Have you ever been in one?

    Worst mileage???? Again, almost 40MPG for a car with mid size room.
    Is that really the worst????

  3. Vince, do not respond to naysayers, specially with typos like "red", not the color mind you. VWs are boring in my view, although those ho do not mind repairs, pile on them relentlessly, after major discounts.

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