2018 Honda Passport?

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 This picture (and more) was posted today on the Motor1 site. (HERE)
They think this is some new Chevrolet SUV.
I am not sure where a new SUV/Crossover line would fit in Chevrolet’s line up.
They already seem to cover every size with the Trax/Equinox/Traverse.

To me, this looks much more like the Honda Avancier sold in China.
I mentioned the Avancier a few times before. As I really think Honda is about to bring it over here as the new 2018 Passport.

 Here is the Avancier. The A pillar and the roof line look very much like that prototype above. (And HERE)

Just a couple more pix of it.
Get used to it.I think it’s coming…

What do you think?
Is THIS our 2018 Passport?

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  1. Different car, look at the exhaust pipes. Plus, the slope of the rear looks to be a different angle.

  2. Although the dash is clearly a big move upscale for Honda; and the idiotic duel center screens are gone; I'm betting that this will turn out to be just as big a failure as the dismal Accord Crosstour.

  3. The Avancier is not coming to the U.S. It is a a Chinese market only vehicle. The vehicle in the photo is a Chevy SUV sized between the Equinox and Traverse. Chevrolet confirmed several months ago they were developing this vehicle but gave little information about it.

  4. I wish it was the Honda!
    What about the new Trailblazer or Blazer from Chevy? This spy shot has 6 lug nuts, not a Honda!

  5. I will be force to buy it if it is truly a Honda Passport or whatever they call it! I just hope it not a shrunken Honda Pilot! Can you say minivan and Pilot?

  6. Was hoping we were finally getting a version of the global Colorado-based body-on-frame Blazer SUV, but now it seems we will instead get a reskinned Acadia crossover wearing the Blazer name. 🙁 And apparently this is it.

  7. Might be but look at the other pic from the same site, here it doesn't look alike as much. Maybe the next Ford Explorer?

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