Honda UR-V = 2018 Honda Passport?

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 These are pictures of the Honda UR-V.
Sold in China. It is above the CR-V. Seats 5.
And looks almost exactly like the HONDA Avancier I mentioned a few days ago.

It just seems to be a toned down version of the weirdo Avancier.
(Especially up front where it doesn’t have the horrible chrome parts on the side of the hood.)

Since Honda is about to bring a 5 seater SUV to the US. And they have registered the name Passport again.
I really thing the car above will become the US Honda Passport for 2018.
I mean it’s already there, ready to go. No new design needed!

Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing. But it fits right in with the CR-V and Pilot.

 The interior is fine.
I can’t really see any difference with the Avancier.

Here is the Avencier.
I guess the whole front is different. Even the front fenders?
It has more chrome, yet a smaller grille than the UR-V. Go figure…

So it might just be a higher end version of the UR-V.

Our Passport might be powered by a version of the 2-0 Liter Turbo that is coming out for the all new 2018 Accord.

It will be interesting to see how popular it will be next to the CR-V.
The Murano doesn’t seem to be that popular for Nissan.
They sold about 87 000 of them last year. (Just about 18 000 more than the Maxima)

But the Murano starts at about $30 000.

I think Honda would be wise to price the Passport below the Pilot, which also starts at around $30 000.
With a base price of around $26 000/$27 000, it will have a much better chance.
About $2000/$3000 more tan the CR-V seems about right.

Get ready for another “not 100% ugly but still not good looking” Honda!

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  1. All other reports indicate that the vehicle fitting in between the CR-V and Pilot will just be a Pilot with a shortened wheelbase and two rows…possibly named Passport. This isn't it.

  2. And, of course, it looks just fine. It will be as popular as the CRV, because it will have more horses, although the 1.5 ltr turbo is plenty for most situations. And I bet you money the new RDX is based on this.

  3. looks like the discontinued Toyota Venza. It might share the same fate….it is the subcompact suvs that are popular now.

  4. Obviously, you may have cataracts and confuse this with the Crosstour. Vince, now I understand why so many typos…..or is it the sunglasses?

  5. I love this! But that's me. I've had an Element, 2 Pilots and now a CR-V. We really need something in between the CR-V and Pilot that is different. I almost bought a Crosstour but it was too car like for me.
    Guess we will wait and see…

  6. Only Honda comes out with replacements for discontinued products. The latest picture doesn't looks as bad as the original Advancier pics, and I personally think this version looks better than the Crosstour.

  7. With it sloping back, it does not appeal to me. It looks like Honda took the MDX real quarter and place it in this UR-V! I gong be buying the previous model Polit that is a boxy design.

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