New 5 seater Honda SUV coming out soon?

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This is the latest rumors.
From a lot of different sites. (Not sure where it started).

Many call it a shorter 5 seater version of the Pilot.
The scary part of this is the fact they already have a 5 seater SUV above the CR-V. In China.
It is called the Avancier. And it is one of the worst Honda design ever.

Just look at these:

I posted about the Avancier before. (HERE and HERE)
Back when I though this thing would never make it to the US.
But now, of course Honda wants to add another SUV. Who doesn’t?
And this one is already being made, it’s ready to go!
I just hope someone at Honda will wake up and realize this is an atrocity.
The US needs something better, simpler. Just a little above horrible would be great.

I have to admit the interior is actually quite nice.
Maybe too much fake wood though…

But it would fit above the CR-V.

Let’s hope Honda will do the right thing and keep the Avancier overseas.
As it is quite a disgusting site the way it is now.

But, I have to say. Most people do get used to almost anything.
Even horrible designs…

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  1. Seems like it would be Honda's version of the Nissan Murano. The interior looks fine and the exterior is ok but could be given a nip tuck here and there.

  2. Please, I hope not! I don't understand as the CR-V is basically midsize. We need something between the CR-V and HR-V (basically something the size of the first gen CR-V).

  3. They are removing the third row, which has always been a joke. Replacing midsize sedans with two rows SUVs makes sense. CRV is the king so far. Let's see how this one fares, but I am willing to guess.

  4. They may reuse the Passport name Honda used before launching the CR-V in the States some 25 years ago.

  5. Honda has done a remarkable job of re-creating the 2004 Dodge Caliber. But I think I still like the Caliber better–even if the Honda does use more gas.

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