2018 Hyundai Kona

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Looks like it was caught during a Photo shoot in Europe.
And looking good too!

Much better than all the photoshop illustration guesses I’ve seen of it.

This should compete well with the aging Nissan Juke.
In Europe as well as in the US.

We’ll probably see a lot more of this very soon.

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  1. They could've just send us the Hyundai ix25 3 years ago. It looked like a cross between a Kia Soul and a Santa Fe Sport, built on the Accent platform. This just looks like a slightly jacked up hatchback.

  2. Like this thing a lot. After losing their way with the latest car redesigns Hyundai (and Kia) seem to be getting their swing back with small SUV's.

  3. I like the looks of this! Maybe a tad too much black plastic cladding, but it's got character. Definitely would like to see more of it.

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