Alfa Romeo Stelvio pricing.

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The all new Stelvio SUV will start at $42 000 in the US. (Plus $995 destination)
This is for the base, 280HP model.

Sounds expensive to me. Since even the Mercedes GLC starts at around $2000 less.
Yes. The Mercedes is less!
A sports and a luxury package are available, for $2500 each.

It does come standard with an 8 speed auto, leather, power lift gate, LED running lights etc…
What you now also get standard in a much cheaper compact SUV for under $30 000.

Stepping up to above $40 000 is usually done by people who really want a status symbol.
Like a Mercedes. Or even a BMW or Audi. (The base Q5 is about $100 less than the Alfa)

Alfa is a “almost” totally unknown brand in the US. But their pricing already matches the established players.
Not sure that’s a good idea. Spending around $45 000 (you know most of them will have options) on a luxury brand that nobody knows isn’t that popular these days.
(Ask Hyundai/Genesis people.)

I think Alfa should have undercut every other luxury brand. At least for a while.
The Stelvio should have started at under $40 000.

Looks like crazy Sergio is making one mistake after another. I wonder who he will blame for Alfa’s low sales in the US. The designers? (Like he did for the Chrysler 200)

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  1. Alfa has a reputation for ambitious pricing (in Europe). I am not surprised that Alfa repeats the same mistakes in the US, they have made in Europe for decades. In order to sell the cars, they usually give huge discounts. So you´re right, Vince, when saying that Alfas should be priced below a Meredes-Benz or similar. AWD or not.

  2. Especially in the US!. Where they have to prove themselves to be a worthy luxury brand.
    Except for auto journalists and car freaks, no one remembers them here. They are starting from scratch.

  3. I don't find it that attractive. The CX-5 has a close resemblance to the Stelvio. CX-5 should be more reliable and parts much cheaper too. The only think missing from the CX-5 is a bigger engine and Mazda has said there is no way the will put the 2.5L turbo inside it even if it fits perfectly! Mazda is a very stubborn car company that just does not listen to it customer or buyers. That is why they are at 1.7% market share!

  4. Alfas, Mazeratis, Land Rovers, etc. ar Junk cars promoted as "luxury" to the naive and drooling to join the "look at me, I am successful too" class. Despite all that, I cannot get past that triangle. It is worse than the Acura beak several years ago.

  5. this is unique enough, that in a sea of generic cuvs, it would probably sell just fine at $52k or even more.

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