All new Nissan Rogue sport video test drive

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This is from Consumer Report. And they seem to like it.

There is no reason why not, really. As it is basically a shorter version of the regular Rogue (With another engine though..)
It’s too bad we don’t get the panoramic sunroof that is available in Europe…
I’ve really liked the Rogue when I drove it. (HERE)
I will try to drive the Sport as soon as I can and will report on it.

Meanwhile, you can watch this one from Consumer Report….

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  1. OK– I like very small suv's. Presently drive an Encore. But… I was in Europe last month and saw plenty of Qashqais. I think they look quite a bit better than the Rogue. If I wasn't so happy with my Encore I'd be in the market. Probably would never buy a Rogue.

  2. I also think the Sport looks better than the larger Rogue.

    And I also know people who are really happy with the encore! It seems to be a really good small SUV.

  3. nissan seems to drag their heels when it comes to bumping up horsepower in their various engines. Only recently have they offered a turbo engined Sentra. The regular Rogue has had the same engine and 170 HP since it's debut 9 years ago or so. There are other examples, but whatever. So this ''sport rogue'' with 140 HP or so will stay like that till the old rogue get either a new engine or a decent horsepower bump closer to 190-210 HP… the new sport rogue will probably never get in the danger zone of stealing sales away from its older big brother rogue with similar or near horsepower. ( a 160-170 minimum HP inline with mitsubishi RVR would be a great baseline motor.)

  4. This vehicle has caused stir and commotion in the auto industry. It has concerned the competition deeply as it should be a massive success. Also, non-Nissan dealers are scrambling to potentially Acquire Nissan Dealerships. The problem is, if the wait too long Vince, the Prices for these stores will go up dramatically directly due to the success of this unit. It's go time Vince ! As they say….. S#i+ or get off the pot.

  5. this segment is about a balance of comfort, quiet, economy and power….oh and of course, price!
    When people pipe up always asking for more horsepower, which is always welcome, they usually forget to think about economy as everything comes with a price. A fuel economy sacrifice would be had with an increase in horsepower and a price increase would also apply. All of things would denigrate the whole idea or positioning of such a vehicle in this segment. In my humble opinion, Nissan has hit this one right on the head!

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