Nissan Kicks caught in Michigan. Replacing Juke in the US next year

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A few units of the Nissan Kicks have been spotted in Michigan in the past few months.
Which means it’s coming over here.
Replacing the 7 year old Juke.

Not sure if it will keep the Juke name or not in the US.

I test drove the Juke before and liked it a lot. Especially with the manual. (Since the turbo lag gets pretty annoying with the automatic)

The Kicks has already been on sale in many countries for over a year.
It does look fine, although not as original as the Juke.
It feels like the Juke’s more conservative brother.

The Juke is super peppy (once you get past the lag) with its 190HP 1.6 Liter Turbo.
No word on what will power the Kicks yet…

The Juke was really a trend setter. 7 years later, the Kicks will have tons of competition.
The new Hyundai Kona being the most obvious one next year….

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  1. Another reason to kill the Juke is that the Kicks will be a profit maker as it is made outside of Japan whereas the NA. Juke was made in Japan.

  2. Fake black plastic window has turned into fake black sticker window. It's the new cheap solution to designs that don't match the engineering….

  3. This SUV is a crapmobile with its underpowered 1.6l from the Versa, it has been a real slow seller in Mexico.

  4. This model with get the 1.6 190 hp, so it won't be a dog.
    I have also seen in a Japanese magazine an article with Goshen visiting a Japanese executive -perhaps this will also be built in Japan too. That means more it will have added features.

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