2018 BMW X3

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Yes, this is the all new model for 2018.
Hard to tell, I know.  I think basically, only current owners will be able to know.

This is, again, the same thing over and over again.

And now the interior feels more like a Chinese copy of a BMW than the real thing.
And look at that ghastly front end. It looks like the work of 12 designers who never talked to each other.

Besides the hardcore BMW fans, I am not sure who would end up getting that. With all that new competition from Mercedes, Audi Volvo etc…

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  1. It's definitely alot better…… I'm glad they didn't allow the headlamps to extend to the grille with this iteration. That was one of the design philosophies that I detested. But over not bad. Would I be one…. Probably not considering the field if other options that exist.

  2. I think considering the other redesigns of the lineup, this had turned out pretty well. It's more of an evolution of the first and second generation designs without being a copy and paste job. This is most true in the tail lights.

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