2018 BMW X3

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Again, this is strictly for BMW fans.
I really don’t think it will bring people into the “BMW family”.
If you didn’t want an X3 before, this isn’t going to change your mind.
This should be mostly repeat buyers. People who end up at the dealer after the lease is up, and see the new one on the lot.
They sold over 44 000 of these X3s last year alone (VS about 32 000 the year before)

So repeat buyers might just be enough.

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  1. Ok.

    I guess if the design ain't broke, don't fix it. I appreciate Chris Bangle for trying to stretch some of the design elements on BMWs back in the day. Now they choose to play it safe. I suppose sales numbers are on their side. But they are not so much designed as they are maintained. Very much like Audi. Mercedes is different in that each generation of vehicle seems to advance the art a bit – then they apply the design language to their entire line. But each generation is fairly unique. I can't tell generations of BMWs apart from each other anymore…

  2. I think it a much more evolutionary style that gives the X3 a more conservative styling and adds in the front end some masculinity in design. It going sell out and be back order for months!

  3. A car in this price range should–at the very least– have STYLE. And it needs to be unique; distinguished. I've stopped buying BMW's for now. Maybe if they re-hire Chris Bangle I'll happen by a BMW Dealer and look again. But until the styling moves upscale–A LOT–I'm out. Now for the big decision; Mercedes or Lincoln…

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