2018 Hyundai Kona interior

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On these new pictures, it’s actually not that bad.

I mean, I still like the Mazda CX03 or even Honda HR-V interiors better.
But on the other hand, it’s much better than the Ford Ecosort.

Too bad they didn’t go for something a bit more original. Even Toyota tried a bit harder with the C-HR interior.

Not sure if there is another choice of color besides black.
And I haven’t seen a sunroof option in any of the official pictures yet…

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  1. I would on par with the CX-3. It even has the traditional handbrake like the Mazda. You would expect these "high tech cars" to have an electric one. Maybe on the all electric 220 range version coming out next year.

  2. I'm glad that Hyundai didn't put a ridiculously overdone interior in this vehicle. It looks fine as is.

    It''s nice to see a proper console mounted arm rest between the front seats instead of the silly seat mounted units GM installed in the Trax and Encore.

    The exterior design is a bit edgy, but it is well executed with balanced proportions, lines, and elements.

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