2018 Infiniti QX80

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 A reader just sent me these. The new Infiniti QX80. (Thanks!)

 Infiniti has already announced it would be based on the current model’s platform.
That’s code word for “not all new”. Or “just a few new bits”.

And it looks like what it is.
The body seems to the same as the current model. The front and rear ends look like the concept.
Otherwise, it is the exact same truck it’s been for years.
I guess they figure it’s enough to compete with the all new Navigator?
And a new Escalade that is less than 2 years away.

Looks like Infiniti isn’t expecting much from the QX80. They just want to make sure they have something big and expensive to offer….

 Here is the concept. Which did have an all new body.

And here is the current model.
As you can see, the “next” one is the same with the concept front end. Pretty much…
(I mean even the rear view mirrors are the same!)

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  1. What's surprising is how well the QX60 has held up and become much better looking with slight tweaks, So Infiniti might know what they are doing until an all NEW QX80 underpinnings arrive.

  2. I agree with the ugly car comment. I don't see anything right about the current one or the new one. Big and ugly.

  3. The 2017 model makes the 2018 model look Grand, expensive and solid. I like the 2018 model and hate the 2017 model. The only SUV in this class to me are G wagon, Land Cruiser, Range Rover and the new Grand Wagoneer by jeep.

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