2018 Jaguar XF Sportbreak

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Early picture of the all new Jaguar XF wagon.
Just like the previous one (we never got here) this looks really good.
Much nicer and interesting than the “Subaru Legacy inspired” XF sedan.

And, unlike the previous model, the US will be getting it.

I just hope the new wagon version comes with a revised interior for the whole range.
That XF interior is the worst in its category.
In a world of Volvo S90 and new E Class, the XF interior is an embarrassment.

More pictures of this very soon…

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  1. Totally agree about the XF interior and the plain looking style dash that looked like it came out of a Ford sedan. I like the new XF wagon style. Hope Jaguar price it to sell well with options.

  2. Vince –

    "Not nearly as goos as the Audi A7.
    But especially…"

    "Lot of things have changes since."

    This is happening just about daily. Really time to start reading your text before posting.

  3. I expect Jaguar products to have a bit of sex appeal to their designs, which seems to be absent in all of the newer vehicles (including this wagon). Nothing about Jaguar stands out anymore.

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