2018 VW Polo

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Another official teaser for the all new Polo.
And, I must say, it looks really nice.

I also like how different it is from all the spy shots we have seen so far of the car.
The light camouflage they had on the headlights and front end was enough to make it totally different. And much worse looking than the real thing.

I do like that “new for VW” headlight shape.
This would look good on the next Golf…

We will see the whole thing in a couple of days. And should know if VW intends, like they previously said, to finally bring the Polo to the US.

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  1. I agree. The teasers of this car look promising. It looks like VW tried to add visual interest to this design without going over the top with it.

    If VW does bring the new Polo to the US, maybe it should be offered in normal and rugged (aka "crossover-fied") versions. This move might improve this vehicles fortunes in the crossover crazy US market.

  2. This looks pretty good from what is an otherwise conservative brand. We could only be so lucky for the Jetta to have similar styling.

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