Next 2019 Ford Focus will come from China

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Ford has announced that the next Focus for the US market will be imported from China. Instead of Mexico as previously stated.

Kind of a surprising move.
But it’s basically all about money. And the new Ford management.
It’s just cheaper to make it over there, period.

They claim the Focus sales are shrinking in the US. Almost 19% less than last year.
Of course! It’s a 7 year old model!
Anything sells less after 7 years.

They just find reasons/excuses/explanations for the decision they made.
Just tell us the truth :”It’ll save us money”. (Honesty would be so refreshing)
Which is fine. It’s a business.

And it is true that most of the stuff we use is already made in China.
So this won’t be problem for most people.

This is a huge move, since this is the first time a very popular model will be imported from China.

Looks like in the very near future, US factories will only be producing trucks. (Or cars for foreign brands)

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  1. It only makes sense. Small car sales are crashing (not just the Focus sales). Why continue to devote an expensive US plant to build a money losing model?

    Ok, Ford. Now what about the Fiesta??

  2. Automakers have been making vehicles in China for decades. Foreign automakers should be able to buy out their Chinese partners, and China needs to get rid of the import tariff on vehicles if the US is to accept these Chinese made vehicles. It's a small step in helping level the playing field. Buick Envision, Volvo S90, and others are already here sadly.


    That may help. The only cars that did very well last year were the Corolla, Civic, and Sentra. Forte did okay too, but the Elantra didn't do as well, and neither the Mazda3, though that's not a surprise as Mazda continues to lose market share with every new car they bring out. The Golf did badly, as did the Jetta, and even the all-new Chevy Cruze.

    Subcompact cars did even worse.

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