2018 Ford Mustang Pony package

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I guess this wants to give a bit of a retro touch to the modern Mustang. Which is a nice idea.

I do like the chrome around the windows. Which is what they had in the 2014 Anniversary edition.
(It does look much nicer in dark colors.)
I do like the 19 inch wheel design, but I do hate chrome wheels…

I like the lack of stupid spoiler in the back. And the retro trim-bar Mustang badge is nice.

Inside, only specific floor mats. And this is only available with the Ecoboost engine, not on the V8 GT.

What do you think?

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  1. All in good taste. Better looking and less redneck boy-racer than the GT. I miss the subtlety and litheness of an original 'Stang. While the new ones are very nicely styled, they are so bloated and overwrought.

  2. nice. In white with blue stripes it'ld be IDEAL! (silver-rimmed black painted wheels would be a nice touch too! )

  3. I think the regular GT is much less "boy racer" than this. No chrome wheels, no stripes. Its much more subtle.

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