2018 Honda Accord

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Like we all predicted, the all new Accord for 2018 looks like a big Civic.

Which is fine. I like the Civic shape (although details are too overdone)
And the Civic is very popular.
I think this is a good idea for Honda.

(Although this is yet another fastback car that really should have been a hatchback.)

Interior seems also fine and upscale. if a bit busy.
(Although I really don’t like the button shifter from Acura. But that’s just me )
There is a choice of a 1.5 Liter Turbo with 185HP  which comes with a 6 speed manual (Good luck trying to find that one on a dealer’s lot) or a CVT.
Or  2.0 Liter Turbo with 252HP and a 10 speed auto .

A 10 speed auto doesn’t sound like a good thing to me, but who knows…
There is also a new Hybrid model, but no specs available now (It will use a 2.0 Liter engine)

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  1. Considering Honda "design" of late, it was a gimme the new Accord would be another over-styled cartoonish eyesore.

  2. Ok.

    Wish I had more time to expand on my thoughts, but:

    The interior looks lovely. I quite like it (except for the shifter).

    The exterior is about as ugly as they come. I really don't like anything about it. Not one thing.

  3. Looks nice. The front end is a bit aggressive for the rest of the car. Glad they got rid of the shift stick (wish everyone would), since it's all handled by computer and not needed, but if your going to take it out, why put the buttons next to the cup holder. Looks weird and wastes space. Also, looks like they heard everyone complaining about the lack of a volume knob on the stereo. It's 2017, but no usb charging port's in the backseat area? Really? Toyota does the same stupid thing. Stop being so cheap Honda.

  4. They tried so hard and still managed to screw this up. The Japanese companies other than Mazda need to fire their design departments and start anew. Interior is fine but man, what a hack job on the exterior. I have been involved in many focus groups of GM and Chrysler over the years. Do the Japanese companies not do this to get real feedback?

  5. (Although this is yet another fastback car that really should have been a hatchback.)

    Amen Sir. If you won't compete with the sport utility in any way, shape or form, you run the risk of being ignored. People want utility, plain and simple. Trunks just don't do it any longer as the marketplace has told us over and over in the form of monthly sales figures.

  6. I like it quite alot, but wished they would have straightened out that civic esque window cut line. I am glad they showed more restraint in this very fluid design, in comparison to the Civic though. Even on the sport model. Interior design is ultra conservative, but well layed out and ergonomically sound. They failed by not making this or the Civic sedan a hatch. I still don't like the Civic Hatch style at all. The engine options on the Accord seem spot on, and thank you Honda for saving the manuals.

  7. I also think this new Accord destroys the new Camry on design, inside and out. The current Mazda 6 imo still is even better in this regard though. Can't wait to see what Mazda has in store in the coming months.

  8. Che Disastro! What a disaster!
    Korean looking from all angles #allsedansaredead#finito#phondsinsudburyfinished

  9. Given how attractive the current Civic is, I had high hopes for this new gen Accord. The exterior is very disjointed and disappointing. The Civic's awesome looks did not translate well to the larger Accord. I do like it better than the current gen car, but it's definitely not the homerun I was expecting to materialize.

  10. Another freaking home run from Honda. Too bad Acura is again left behind. It makes the new TLX questionable.

  11. Anonymous @ 7:14pm said it all.. this is a total TLX (and maybe even RLX) killer. Might as well move the NSX over to Honda dealerships where it belongs and shutter the needless Acura brand at this point.

  12. Looks like a Chevy Malibu and BMW 3 series did the nasty and pooped the new baby into the toilet at the local gas station bathroom…..yuck

  13. It has an upscale look but I agree with the others who commented about the window cut line and the front end. It looks like it was designed more with the Chinese market in mind than the USA.

  14. Google "Beluga Whale" images right now and tell me the Honda designers didn't have Finding Dory on while designing the new Accord. I can't unsee it. Yuck.

  15. For some reason, Honda was able to design attractive exteriors for its compact products (Civic sedan/coupe and CR-V), but failed miserably on the vehicles in the size classes above (Pilot, Ridgeline, Odyssey, Accord) and below (Fit, HR-V). With the exception of the Civic hatchback, the compact class seems to be the exterior design sweet spot for Honda lately. Given Honda's reputation and engineering expertise, I was really wanting to like the exterior design of this new Accord, but I unfortunately can't. The larger Civic approach to the exterior design simply doesn't work. It's very awkward looking.

  16. I like the profile and the back end. I definitely think the interior is upscale and looks very comfortable.
    However, why does the front end look like an older person's wraparound glasses?
    I hope it's much better looking in person.

  17. I think it's a fantastic-looking midsize sedan. Sure, it's nothing groundbreaking. It has clean, modern lines. It's pushing the envelope a little, but not too much to offend the masses. Man, I'd wager this thing is gonna sell like mad, especially when compared against the melted-GI Joe action figure look of the new Camry.

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