2018 Honda Fit Cross-Style Hybrid

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This can be seen as the ugliest thing that ever happened to the Fit. Or an improvement…

I think the current Fit is one to the ugliest design in the compact car segment. So I will see this as an improvement.
It gives a bit of a funky character to this poor old tortured design.

As for the Hybrid, this is maybe something they should consider for the US?
Honda seems to be behind most other manufactures in that regard (After being the first!)
This would actually make a perfect EV.

What do you think?

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  1. Trying to make an economy car and a crappy one at that , look like a CUV. Cheap move Honda. You will pay the price

  2. Before I read the headline I thought Honda was going to make a taxi version of the Fit. Sadly this is actually worse than that.

  3. Just gross like most Honda's these days. I've owned four Hondas,and a mere five years ago, my family of eight all owned Hondas. Now there is one who's keeping it for another year. Maybe Honda should steal away a good designer like Kia did from Audi. It worked wonders for them.

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