I still thing the Chrysler Delta was a good idea.

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Yes, for a while, Chrysler was actually thinking of importing the great looking Lancia Delta was a Chrysler in the US. 
 The news generation pictured above came out in 2008.
They showed/teased a version of it with a Chrysler badge and grille at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.
But no. Crazy/stupid/greedy Sergio decided to spend tons of money into the Chrysler 200 instead.
(Only to cancel the car just a few years after it came out, blaming the designers for its lack of popularity)
This is really too bad. As this 2008 design still looks really modern today. That floating roof design element is now used on almost everything. And the rear seat arrangement looks really interesting.
This is one hatchback sedan that could almost compete with some SUVs.
Some Delta models did end up in England under the Chrysler name (The interior pix are from the British model)
It is really too bad this never made it over here.
Also too bad they never went through with the idea of merging Lancia and Chrysler.
Instead Sergio killed Lancia, and is doing the same thing with Chrysler. (And probably Dodge)
Can someone else please run this company before it is completely destroyed???

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  1. I absolutely loved the Delta and thought it had a great design, ahead of its time, which will be recognized as such in the not-very-far future. But the sad truth is that most customers did not appreciate its qualities and it was never a sales success, not even in Europe. Notwithstanding the many major, MAJOR mistakes made by Marchionne (including the whole 200 debacle as you mention), in this particular case I can see why FCA would be unsure of how a hatchback that wasn't even pulling its weight in its home turf would fare in such a difficult market to penetrate as the US.

  2. I agree that the Delta could have been added to Chrysler's US lineup. I think it sort of looks like what I imagine a redesigned PT Cruiser would have looked like. Maybe the cost of modifying it to meet US regulations didn't justify bringing it over here. Oh well…

    It almost appears as if Fiat wanted to obtain Chrysler so that it could get its hands on Jeep and RAM. I fully understand that Jeep and RAM are the volume generating cash cows for FCA in the US, but I also think Chrysler and Dodge could be valuable brands if given appropriate products.

  3. To answer your question at the end, I think it's too late for that, Chrysler is already destroyed.

  4. It is a car with great presence on the road. Defenitly no Euro-trash!

    Unfortunately, the Delta was too large (and too expensive) for most European customers´ taste. Last year I thought about buying one, but is was too large for the limited parking space avaliable here plus the interior isn`t as appealing or convincing as the Delta´s exterior design.

    It may have been a great addition, but it is too late – it went out of production in 2014. I agree with el Monty that this probably is a future classic.

  5. If 200 couldn't make it (mainly because it was too small, especially in back) — the Delta wouldn't have had a chance. Chrysler built a 100-year reputation on building "REAL" (B I G ) Cars. Imperials were always longer than Fleetwoods or Continentals. New Yorkers longer than 98 or Electra or Grand Marquis Brougham. Newports always MUCH MUCH bigger than 88's or Caprice's or LTD's or LeSabres, etc. The 17' long, 5.4 Litre, 116" wheelbase Cordoba was sold as " The new SMALL Chrysler". No, a Delta wouldn't have made the mark!

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