More pictures of the new Jaguar E-Pace

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In these pictures, the new E-Pace is looking really good.
And that F-Type inspired interior is miles ahead of the sad uninspired ones in the XF and XE sedans.

Like I mentioned earlier, the main engine is the 2.0 Liter Turbo with about 250HP.
A sporter version with almost 300HP will be available.

It’s not cheap! the E-Pace will start at $39 500 in the US. (Over $48 000 for the sportier “R-Dynamic’ version)

It is about an inch shorter  than the BMW X1, so it is fair to compare the two.
The X1 starts at around $35 000. But that’s for the FWD version. With 228HP. (The Jag comes standard with AWD)
An AWD X1 is about $38 000.

So it’s pretty similar (The Jag might have more standard equipment )

It’s pretty amazing how these new “compact SUVs” are priced at the same level the larger Mid-sized ones were just a few years ago…

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  1. It's a beautiful small SUV, thankfully they took the DNA from the F-Type inside and out. I find it hard to justify the prices for vehicles like this and the X1 when you can get a loaded CX-5, Escape Titanium, etc for substantially less.

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