More pix of that Mitsubishi Expander

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I have to say, these pictures look much better. Probably because they don’t show that ghastly front end…

It also looks like a concept (One with tiny wheels)
Could turn out being actually almost OK…

We’ll see…

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  1. So … we see mitsubishi will have another complete failure on its hands.

    What a complete joke of a car company.

  2. the car in the previous post is the production model, this one has got to be a concept. the rear view mirrors are different in the two pictures.

    weird that they would now make a concept for something that's apparently already finished…

  3. So sorry, but some of the comments ended up in a spam folder by mistake.
    Someone was asking if this was US bound. I have no Idea.
    Since Mitsubishi is now controlled by Nissan, I assume they would restart their US operations with more models sooner than later…

  4. This looks a lot like the kind of SUV/minivan hybrid that is super-popular in SE Asia. I would bet that's where its bound for.

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