2018 BMW 8 series

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If you loved the 8 series concept, be ready to be disappointed when the production model comes out.

I am not saying it will be ugly. I am sure it’ll be pretty nice.
But look at the production prototype front end (pic on top) compared to the concept
That great slant backward is all but gone. What gave the car so much personality isn’t there anymore.
And why??? Who knows.
The whole thing now looks even more like a Mustang.

Not sure why BMW would tease a great looking concept just months before the actual, much more boring, model comes out.
I think the same thing will happen to the Z4. That great concept will probably end up looking 10 times better than the real carg.

Head over HERE to see yourself. (you will also see more pix of that horrific Rolls Royce SUV).

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  1. Vince, you are dead on right…. Every spy shot I've seen of this 8 series makes me think of the mustang, even before they showed the concept. The concept gave me that false hope… particularly those wing like tail lights that the production version will definitely not have…. (think of Weird Al Yankovic's "I lost on Jeopardy": "Here's what you DIDN'T get!")
    It's a shame that BMW's next big thing is just a big bloated thing…. imitating an american muscle car.

  2. Maybe it has to do with the European pedestrian safety regulation issue as being the reason why the grill is slanted backwards.

  3. I don't know, to me it looks like the bottom parts of the black plastic inserts in the kidney grill slant inwards. I guess it wouldn't make sense to put camouflage on an area that's so important for aerodynamics and cooling, but I'm going to hold on to some hope!

    Ironically I bet this thing will work out to be similar in size to a Mustang yet not as different as the Z4 which may still be a hardtop convertible?

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