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So it looks like the next generation Altima will look even more like the current Maxima (bottom pic)

I am not sure this is such a great idea, unless Nissan wants to kill the Maxima.
The Altima is a fine sedan (test drive HERE), but the Maxima is excellent. A much nicer car to drive. (test drive HERE)

It would be sad to see it go…
I have mentioned this before, but I think Nissan needs to think outside the box for the Maxima.
For most people, it looks too much like the Altima and that don’t see the point of spending more.
The Maxima needs to be special. maybe a sporty coupe/hatchback like the new Kia Stinger.
Or a luxury EV.
Something. Anything but a bigger Altima.

This new 2019 Altima will do battle with the all new Accord and Camry.
Which should be quite interesting…

See all the pictures of the next Altima right HERE.

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  1. Every new altima has looked like the previous generation maxima. It has always been the maxima that leads the way in Nissan designs. This new altima WILL look like the maxima, and when the next generation maxima is released, the altima will look dated again. It has always been how Nissan has done things with the two cars. One leads the other.

  2. I rather have the Infiniti Q50 any day over both Maxima and Altima. It's time the Altima go back to its smaller size while Maxima retain its 4 door sports car appeal.

  3. I think this design looks great, it's not as in your face as the Maxima as it needs to appeal to a wider audience but it still has a great design. The new Accord just screams hideousness from the front and the Camery is not bad.

    The weakness in all the previous gen Altimas was always the interior, this new one corrected that and then some. That interior is gorgeous. This will sell well!!

  4. Not really sure how anyone can tell what it is going to look like under all that camo, but to me it looks more like the Malibu than the Maxima.

  5. I wonder when they will show it because you can basically see the whole thing beneath the camo. August 11 @ 1:12 am google the Nissan Vmotion Concept and you'll see it clearer. BTW, to me it looks more like the concept than the Maxima, also someone mentioned in some other site how similar the interior is to the 2018 Honda Accord and it's true! I like both though…

  6. This is actually looking very promising, both inside and out. I don't think this design will be as polarizing a design as the Maxima is. That is a very good thing. This may be the most stylish Altima to date so far.

  7. Couple of things:

    1: New Altima definitely, but won't be released until September of 2018. Production to start on 08/01/2019. Still based on D platform same as Maxima currently.

    2: Maxima will be on currently platform until 2021. Will receive refinements here and there but overall, will be the same platform.

    3: Be on the look out for testing mules of next Murano, slated for production in September 2020.

    At the risk of losing my job, I will now disappear.

  8. Just imagine the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept car with side mirrors and that is what the 2018 Nissan Altima will look like without the camouflage.

  9. Vince love this blog but you have been beating me up over loving Nissan so much. I have been a fan since you started this blog. I'm the boulevard car, flower shop, bling guy. Wtf. Why so ?

  10. To the "insider"

    1) If the new Altima is being released in September of 2018, why would production not start until August 2019?? Also seems kind of late to the game for this to not be on sale until September of 2018. These photos make the car seem pretty much ready to go. It would make more sense to show off the production model at LA Auto Show in November and go on sale early in "2018" as a "2019" model year.

    2) Well duh, of course the Maxima will stay on the same platform until at least 2021. If there is a platform change it would happen with a major redesign.

    3) Testing mules of next Murano due in 2020? The only thing the Murano is due for in that time frame is a mid cycle refresh so this won't be the "next" Murano.

    What about the next Pathfinder? It shouldn't be too far behind the new Altima since both were basically new for 2013 and are due for replacement at the same time. Basically, I call B.S. on your post.

  11. Obviously that was a typo on the production date. Also yes the Nissan Altima L42P chasis will be released in September 2018. Don't know about the other stuff, but I do confirm the "insider" is right on the altima.

  12. If true, releasing in September of 2018 seems like a big mistake by Nissan. The new Camry and new Accord are both out now. Releasing this car in September of 2018 would put the new Altima out over a year after those two. That makes zero sense, especially since the spy shots show the vehicle to be pretty much finished and ready to go. The Altima is the second top seller for Nissan after the Rogue. Sales have been declining, partly due to the overall sedan market, but also due to the fact the current model is aging. Why would Nissan risk losing further sales by waiting so long to release this new one? My prediction: There's no way this isn't in dealer showrooms by spring of 2018 as a 2019 model.

  13. L42P is due in that time period, right on the money. L42P design freeze was in 2016 and program kicked off nearly 4 years ago.

    Design work for the next Murano (P42M2) is almost done and mules will be built soon, but it doesn't mean the public will see them.

    The L21B is also something to behold (next Sentra) and that of the Rogue. The W42R Pathfinder is a bit further out than planned.

    Signed, Carmaker1

  14. Yes, I can confirm the P42M2 Murano begins production on September 1, 2020 and L42P Altima SOP is going to be August 1, 2018 at Smyrna and Canton.

    The next Rogue (W33A) is due in early 2020, scheduled for January 2, 2020 SOP. The next Frontier enters production for the US on January 2, 2019.


  15. So why does everything have to look the same. I'm from the 50 and 60's when car manufactures prided themselves on re-designing cars each year. Today, both Ford and Chevrolet follow the theme that everyone of their vehicles should look exactly the same, except for size.

  16. What is the updated timeframe for the qx60/pathfinder.
    Anything more on why the qx70 was cancelled or other Infiniti news?
    Is the q80 next to be cancelled?

  17. What is the updated timeframe for the qx60/pathfinder.
    Anything more on why the qx70 was cancelled or other Infiniti news?
    Is the q80 next to be cancelled?

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