Great Wall wants to buy Jeep

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Out of all Chinese car makers copying foreign designs, Great Wall is one of the worst offenders.
All of the above cars are almost complete copies of other designs.
And they don’t care. Never did.
Now, they are apparently the only Chinese brand interested in Jeep. But only Jeep.
They don’t want Fiat, Dodge or Chrysler.
Of course. It seems that, right now, Jeep is the only part of FCA that seems to make real money the days.
And pretty much the only brand that gets new models and some attention from crazy/greedy Marchionne. 
Selling off Jeep to a Chinese company could mean the death of the other brands.
Who would ever buy Chrysler now? Or Dodge or Fiat. And what about Alfa Romeo??
And also, for many people around the world, Jeep is one of the most recognized American name brand.
Like Harley Davidson or Coca Cola.
Although, most people have no idea about Volvo being owned by a Chinese company. 
(I bet most people buying an S90 in the US don’t know it is made in China.)

This is the best. Straight from the Twilight Zone.
Fiat actually sued Great Wall about 10 years ago about this blatant Fiat Panda copy.
And of course, the Chinese court never recognized there was any problem…
Now the copy is making a bid for the original.

What do you think?

Should Jeep be sold to a Communist country?
Would anyone even care?

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  1. Geeat wall should only be allowed to get deep as part of a full package deal with all the rest of FCA. Maybe Maserati can go with Ferrari but all the rest concluding including Fiat Lancia and Alfa Romeo need to go with Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM.

  2. I can only hope they buy Jeep and rename the Grand Cherokee the Coolbear Maximum and the Wrangler becomes the Wingle Climb Over Rock.

  3. China isn't our friend. They are a communist country with state owned and subsidized businesses – or did we all somehow forget?

    Toss in their business ethics and disregard for intellectual property.

    This is a terrible idea. I would not buy a car from a Chinese owned company, ever. I suspect Jeep fanatics in the US would think the same.

    This would open up a hole for GM or Ford or even Toyota to bring equivalent products to market to meet demand.

    The other brands would be sold off as well, sadly, and likely only Ram would survive somewhat intact.

    But, perhaps the Jeep brand would sell quite well for them in China and they would not need US sales.

    That's sad to contemplate.

    Bring on the Ford Bronco! The GMC Jimmy! The Chevrolet Blazer! All could be reborn as Jeep equivalents.

  4. Hate to tell you but you have been brainwashed by media/politicians.
    You need to travel to other countries, not read the propaganda on yahoo and such. China is a 'Capitalist' country. Communist is just a political party in name only. Voting occurs within the 1 party, whereas we (US) really have 2 parties (democrat/republican). There are many business in the US that the gov't also subsidize… i.e. AMTRAK

    As for not buying car, you're already buying parts, electronics, upholstery, and other car components made in China for manufacturing processes only. People always forget that the Designed/Engineering/Qualitiy control are by AMERICANS. So think twice, you are only insulting Americans workers.

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