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The lease price for the odd (ugly) Clarity EV will be $269 a month.
With a $1730 deposit.
That might sound OK for an EV. But this “useless” EV version of the Clarity gets only about 89 miles per charge!
They claim is’t OK since it might take only 3hrs to charge it on a 240 outlet.
I say it’s not OK.
89 miles on a charge is just ridiculous and useless in 2017.
The Hydrogen version of the clarity goes for $369 a month. But good luck finding hydrogen fueling stations around where you live…
The best bet will be the Plug-In hybrid version. Which will be out before the end of the year.
You still get the odd looking car and its odd shaped trunk. But at least there will be a very decent 
42 miles of EV range. On top of the regular engine.
And since it is not a 100% EV, it’ll be even cheaper.
That one will make sense for people looking at a roomy (and odd looking) Plug-In Hybrid sedan. (With a much better range than a Fusion)
But. There is a brand new Accord Hybrid coming out soon. And you know a Plug-in version is probably just around the corner.
The new Accord being a much better looking car than the poor old Clarity, I really don’t understand the point of it in the first place…

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  1. Hi Vince. I actually saw one of these at Irvine (norm Reeve) Honda saturday (think is was fuel cell though)….actually looks very good in person. This one was a rich red burgundy colour…and quite large (big as accord) …renderings do not present this very well….

  2. I sat in one at the Auto Show last year. And yes, its does look better than the pictures suggest.
    Still not very nice though…

    The interior seems really good quality and quite upscale in real life also.

    I think they should really push the Plug In version when it comes out.

  3. At those prices your getting into Chrysler Pacifica ( 80mpge) territory — which makes a LOT more sense!! HUGE range, TONS of torque & power, TONS of room ( up to 7 passengers PLUS more storage behind the 3rd seat than Honda has in the trunk of any of it's electrics or hybrids!) Sorry Honda, the yanks got you beat on this one — by literally hundreds of miles! –plus the Chrysler throws in a free (almost 300HP ) atkins cycle v6 for free to boot !

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