Hyundai’s next Fuel Cell concept

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Hyundai just announced that the Genesis brand will have a 310 miles EV sedan ready for around 2021.
That seems like a long time. I mean really. By that time everyone will offer that..

Meanwhile, they are still pushing Hydrogen cars. The one pictured above is a concept of their next generation Fuel Cell SUV.
Which does look quite nice.
it will do battle with the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity. So we’re not talking about huge numbers here…
Still, being an SUV/Crossover, it might have more of a fighting chance….

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  1. The interior looks great! Exterior…eh, not so hot, but then most new cars and SUVs are getting uglier and uglier.

  2. 2021… Seriously? Are they planting seeds to grow out of the ground into mature trees that will then drop EVs instead of apples? The hell are they waiting for that's taking so long? Oh, and this concept is seriously FUG. Hyundai needs to do better at everything.

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