New Byd Song Max

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I remember seeing pictures of a Bad Van concept that looked really good last year.
I guess this is the production version, and it still looks really nice.
(Designed by Wolfgang Egger, who was previously head of Audi design.)
As nice as anything we have over here at least. Inside and out.

It doesn’t look overdone like many Chinese designs.
And it is powered by a 1.5 Liter turbo with 153HP, so it can’t be that big…

Maybe a though for Honda and Toyota: don’t be ashamed to hire really good designers from Europe .
They could have avoided the current Lexus RX and Acura TLX….

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  1. LOVE the interior — especially the liberal use of wood to give a more upscale look; and the huge screen. This is the first Chinese interior I have EVER liked — and I like it a LOT !

  2. Looks like they went with the current design languages of Nissan and Toyota. Somehow it didn't turn out hideous!

  3. I agree, Honda and Toyota could use the help of some good European and even American designers. As for BYD, Warren Buffett must be happy with it's new electric and plug-in hybrid models as he's a shareholder. This model has some style elements of the new Kia Sedona, it would look nice in any driveway.

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