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This is interesting. I though the new GL6 was a version of the current Opel Zafira.
But the Opel got a few revisions last year, and they didn’t include the new style Opel dashboard featured on the GL6. (Similar to the new Insignia/Regal)
So it looks like the Buick is actually a preview of the next Opel Zafira.
But that won’t happen. Since now Opel isn’t owned by GM anymore.
(The next Zafira, if there is one, will be based on a Peugeot platform)
I really wonder what will happen to Buick for their next models.
In China but also the US models.
Since the all new Regal and the Cascada are 100% Opel.
So is the popular Encore. I know Peugeot has a commitment to produce the current Buick models past 2019. But what about new models?
(I bet a brand new Encore/Opel Mokka was already in the works when Opel was sold)
Will the brand become a chromy Chevy, like they were in the 70’s?

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  1. That trim on the dashboard looks like they couldn't decide whether they want to go for wood or stitched leather, so they made a leatherette that looks like wood veneer.

  2. With Buick active in two of the world's largest markets (China and U.S.), I'm sure GM will continue to develop products for the brand without Opel's assistance. GM owns the platforms, so there shouldn't be any problems in GM utilizing the platforms to keep Buick going. GM has plenty of global production facilities to produce Buick vehicles without Opel's assistance.

    If there was a next gen Encore/Mokka in development (which I'm sure there probably was), it is probably GM's property since it was more than likely being developed on a GM platform. My guess is that it will continue as the next gen Buick Encore. Opel will need to develop a next gen Mokka on a Groupe PSA platform.

    All future Opel products will be developed on Groupe PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) platforms once the current products reach the end of their life cycles. Once this happens, GM and Opel will be completely untangled and there will be no more development or product sharing between Buick and Opel.

    I seriously doubt that GM will relegate Buick to a Chevrolet clone brand. Buick and Chevrolet will continue to share platforms, but the designs will be unique and distinctive.

  3. I buy it but not offer in the U.S. marketplace. It seems that Buick is taking a page from Mazda CX-4, Honda CUVs and just have it as exclusive to China! LOL!

  4. Vince – I'm confused. Isn't the Encore produced at a GM plant in South Korea?

    Were you saying that the model is indeed an Opel – but produced by Opel in Korea??

    Please clarify. Thanks.

  5. You are correct. The Encore is built in Korea.
    But was engineered and designed by Opel, as an Opel model. The Opel Mokka.

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