More on the BMW i5

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These are official from BMW.
For now, just a simple drawing. But actual photos of the car are coming up very soon.

I really like the i3 and i8. So I think this looks great.
Unlike the X7 monster.

Range is rumored to be a super impressive 300 to over 400 miles. Which would be quite amazing if true.

More very soon…

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  1. Dare I say better looking that a Tesla? But I am a bias i3 owner but a Model 3 reservation holder. Might make me give up my reservation….

  2. I thought that it was kind of odd that BMW was abandoning the i5. They built an entire carbon neutral i-brand factory for the i3 and i8 based on the need for new methods of construction and use of new materials like CFRP. While these components would be used in BMW's mainstream cars, like the 7 series, the new factory had not reached their full production capacity. Often though, brands float the idea that something will be axed, just to see the response.

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